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August 25, 2012


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So, most of you know that I'm out on vacation as of last night, and I've been kept busy.
But I've been seeing a lot of contests about making characters based on princes' kingdoms and what the people whom lived there would look like. That's honestly a really cool idea, so I thought I'd steal do something like that too, since I've had a few people already ask me to make OCs, I thought it'd be fun!

So, the rules are--
:star: Any character made must follow these criteria, and if you've already made an OC and want to enter him/her, you might need to tweak them if you'd still like to enter.
   -The color scheme must remain in the reds, blacks and whites. Shades and tones can vary, but there can't be any random color, like purple or green.
   - The skin can vary colors, meaning the person can be black, red, and white. Two tone is possible, but it is extremely rare. If you're going to do it, you'll have to explain as to how this came along.
   -Hair tones, they stick to the same color as well, red black and white. If you want, you can have the hair fade into different colors, like Ace's or his parents. Again, color scheme of red, black, and white.
   -The suits, meaning the suits on the face over the left eye. All residents in the card kingdom have either a diamond, heart, spade or club over the left eye, and the colors are red and black. Diamonds are men, and hearts are women. Spades and clubs represent the magicians of the kingdom, trumps for light and spades for dark.
       -Spades represent dark magic, and the red and gray that the suit is is darkened due to the dark magic using the person's life force. The diamond/heart will transform into a spade.
       -Clubs represent light magic, meaning the sign will lighten if not turn completely white, meaning ever-lasting life. The diamond/heart will transform into a club.
                 Please keep in mind, that a dark wizard can't turn to a light wizard. Once they're dark, they're stuck.

                       :star::star::star: Contest will be concluding on September 10th :star::star::star:

                                      If you're entering and complete your submission, please
                                          link me in the comments below so I can look.

            I'm looking for another judge who would be willing to discuss and help me pick a winner, this person
                must review all the rules, understand them, and chose a winner based on the criteria above.
                   If you'd like to be a judge, please note me. When I choose, I will be keeping him/her
                           anonymous, to avoid any confrontation with other AT OC admins.


                                                1st Place:
                                                  -2 free requests of (Any style)
                                                  -a drawn scene of your character.
                                                               Shading included.
                                                      With or without Ace is optional)

                                                 2nd Place: One free request
                                           a sketched out full body of your character.
                                                      (Lines and base colors.)
                                                    (With or without Ace is optional)

                                                  3rd Place: One Free Request
                                           a sketched out full body of your character
                                                   (No colors, just line art )

                                    I hope to see your submissions soon, and have fun!

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I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I'm trying withhold any comments, so it doesn't show any favoratism. I do like all the entries so far though! Thanks for entering and I can't wait to see more entries!
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